2021 – SUP Technical and Marathon State Titles

2021 SUP Technical and Marathon State Titles

This September join us on Phillip Island for the 2021 SUP State Titles – Technical and Marathon events.

September 4th-5th 2021, Phillip Island.

To enter both events will be thru the Surfing Victoria website.

Surfing Victoria will be deciding our state team for the Nationals which also be held on Phillip Island in 2021.

Our Club is proud and excited to be running the State Tech and Distance events this year, in conjunction with Surfing Victoria.

This will be a weekend event for all crew down at Phillip Island.

We will be sourcing a great accommodation deal ahead of the event and will send details to members.

2021 SUP Surfing State Titles

SUP Surfing State Titles – May 2021

A big thanks to our friends Surfing Victoria , the dates are up and entry is open to the Victorian State SUP Surfing Competition.

Victorian SUP Surfing Titles
Pt Impossible – May 15 & 16, 2021
Note: Victorian Racing Titles and BOP will be held later in the 2021.

Full details on the Surfing Victoria website.

Coach Casey Downwind Daze 2020

Tickets are up for the Coach Casey Downwind Daze.

Downwind Daze 2020

Downwind Daze is our annual Downwind Standup Paddle race events, run by SUP Vic for all SUP Crew.

Check out the event page for full details

This is for all SUP crew. Entries are discounted for members and also if you enter for the full series.

In the lead up to the event there will be a Zoom coaching session with James Casey. You need to have purchased your ticket before this session to join.

This is for all SUP crew with racing and a social options. We recommend all to have the appropriate board for the distance, and some experience for this event.

There are demo and spare boards out there, along with willing clubbies to help among our community. If you need a hand with a board check or advice check in with your local SUP retailer or post up in our Facebook group.


  • Two safety support craft will be on the water
  • We expect all participants to wear event high-vis that will be supplied.
  • PFD will be required for all (the club has a few so book them early)
  • Event safety protocol has participants with a mobile phone with Coast Guard app on it in a waterproof bag. (We encourage all to download this app and practice with before event.)

SUP Vic Annual Awards 2020 Winners

Perpetual Trophies

Club Champion 2020

  • Dave Warner

Great Melbourne Paddle Champions

  • Female – Tiga Gilber
  • Male – Dany LeClerc

Port Phillip Cup Champions

7km Race

  • Female – Tiga Gilbert
  • Male – Dave Warner

4km Race

  • Female – Vanessa Mollard

Surf ‘Frother’ Award

  • Sam Hodder

Club SUP Surf Champions

  • Female – Leanne Jack
  • Male – Chris Clarke

Downwind Daze 1km Split

  • Pete Jackson

Heart and Soul Award

  • Duncan Gosling

Annual Trophies

Pod Awards

  • HMB Female  – Elowyn Leonard
  • HMB Male – Rob Barton
  • West Melb Female – Susan Griska
  • West Melb Male – Steven Freund
  • Peninsula Female – Helen Fleer
  • Peninsula Male – Grae Newland

5km Virtual Challenge

  • Will Purcell

Code of Conduct



The SUP Vic General Code of Conduct provides a set of guidelines for behaviour in and around the club to ensure that all participants, club members, spectators, officials and volunteers have a clear understanding of the behaviour that is expected from everyone in support of the mission statement above.


We expect that all event participants, club members, spectators, officials and volunteers will:

  • Remember that the Club and its activities are run by volunteers, who give freely of their time and personal resources to enhance your enjoyment of our sport. Be patient, tolerant and respectful of volunteers at all times;
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person regardless of their gender, ability, age, cultural background or religion;
  • Support, encourage and involve all participants regardless of their talent level and never ridicule or yell at/abuse  participants for errors or poor performance;
  • Always consider the wellbeing and safety of participants ahead of  performance and results;
  • Encourage participants to value their performances and not just results;
  • Encourage and guide participants to accept responsibility for their own performance and behaviour at all times;
  • Maintain respectful and appropriate relationships with all participants;
  • Ensure activities are appropriate to the age, ability and experience of participants;
  • Promote the positive aspects of the sport;
  • Display consistently high standards of good sporting behaviour including respecting official’s decisions;
  • Refrain from using offensive language or behaviour;
  • Never behave in a manner that would damage the reputation of the club;
  • Act as good role models and ambassadors for the club at all times;
  • Adhere to and support the Club mission, purposes and policies and follow all applicable guidelines laid down by the Club and any relevant state or national governing bodies as may occur from time to time.

The SUP Vic committee reserves the right under the Club’s Constitution to take disciplinary action, including cancellation of Club membership, against any members who breaches any aspects the Code of Conduct.


SUP Vic runs several social media spaces on Facebook and Instagram for club members and friends to connect, share information, post events and paddling activities and generally share the stoke of SUP. The following is a list of guidelines for commenting on the Club’s social media spaces, for posts on blogs and forums and for posts on the Club’s sub-groups and Pod pages.

·       Stay constructive and on-topic;
·       No spamming;
·       No offensive language;
·       No personal attacks;
·       No hostile, derogatory or deliberately insulting comments toward a specific individual, the Club, group or brand;
·       No flaming (posting comments intended to induce an angry response)
·       If you have customer service issues, business propositions, or other issues, please email info@supvic.com.

SUP Vic’s social media sites have a large public following and as such are moderated by its administrators. SUP Vic reserves the right to remove any comment at any time for any reason. If a portion of a comment is deemed inappropriate, the entire comment will be deleted. If a person is deemed to repeatedly breach this code of conduct they may be removed from the respective group at the administrator’s and or committee’s discretion and or be subject to disciplinary action if the Club’s committee feels it is warranted.

If any SUP Vic member has an issue with the conduct of any SUP Vic members, participants, volunteers, officials and or spectators, they should address this directly with the SUP Vic committee by emailing your issue(s) to info@supvic.com.

“Port Phillip Cup”

ppc18   Victoria’s longest running paddle event is back for 2018. Set inside the protection of the St Kilda Harbour, the PPC is an event that suits beginners to advanced. Simply choose the distance that suits, 4/7/10 kms and paddle for fun. Following the main event, there will be time to check out and demo the latest gear. There will also be the traditional “Pet Race” as well as a all new ” Finless Fifty” inflatable time trial. Come and paddle with the best, friendliest crew in Vic and support the club. Get Tickets