SUP Vic – Introduction to Stand Up Paddle Board Racing

Stand up paddleboard racing (SUP Racing) is a fun way to enjoy the sport of SUP. Learn more about the types of racing and opportunities to get involved.

For those members who are new to our club and or the sport of stand up paddle boarding, SUP racing is yet another fun and fitness related pursuit available to you. SUP racing can be undertaken at a club, local event, community, state titles and national championship and even international level. So there’s nothing stopping you from getting involved.

SUP Racing Events

SUP Vic runs two main annual summer race events:

  • the Great Melbourne Paddle and the 
  • the Port Phillip Cup.

Race registrations are available in the Open, Over 40s, Over 50s and Over 60s categories for both men and women. There are also kids races and fun novelty races at these events.

There are also kids races and fun novelty races at these events.

Outside of SUP Vic, there are several other races on the annual SUP Calendar, ranging from social races and downwind races through to the annual Surfing Victoria state titles Distance Race and Technical Race.

Types of SUP Racing Events

Official races can be categorised into three types:

  • flat water/bay races,
  • distance races (bay or ocean) and
  • technical (surf/ocean) races.
  • downwind races

Traditionally, you will need a 14’ foot or 12’6” race board to take part in the races as a serious competitor. These boards are a great investment, as beyond racing, they are also the optimal boards for fitness paddling, distance paddling and paddling in various conditions. All board brands have these boards available in various widths, so there is an appropriate width available for all levels of skills, physical abilities, etc.

To get involved in racing, we suggest you join a SUP Vic Pod and get amongst some of the Pod paddle sessions. This will; help to build your paddle fitness, as the Pods can provide you with regular ‘paddle buddies’.

Click HERE to see SUPVIC racing rules