SUP Surfing State Titles 2023

When: 13-14 May

Where: Torquay, Victoria

The SUP Surf State Titles for Victoria are coming up.

This is a great opportunity for the SUP Victoria community to get behind the SUP surfers and cheer them on and enjoy watching the action or get involved and compete.

Each year the event brings the SUP community, and especially SUP surfers together from across the state.

While the competition is generally held on one day (the best weather day out of the Saturday and Sunday), many surfers and spectators choose to head down to enjoy a weekend on the surf coast.

The Surf Coast has plenty of different breaks to choose from and flatwater paddling options.

So, if you’re not cheering the surfers on or competing there’s plenty of opportunities for simply hanging out on the water, catching up, hitting a surf break or enjoying the social vibe on the beach around the competition.

The event is run and hosted by Surfing Victoria.

Winner’s are then selected to represent Victoria in the Victorian State team at the nationals later this year.  

It’s a friendly competition with a positive vibe and plenty of action. Most competitors and spectators choose to stay in Torquay and find ways to connect both on and off the water over the weekend.

First time competing / spectating? Learn more about the SUP Surf State Titles here.