Updated: May 7, 2019

The following SUP Vic Race Rules will be strictly adhered to for all SUP Vic race events, including any that SUP Vic runs under the auspices of Surfing Victoria (Ie, Victorian State Titles Distance and Technical races). There will be no exceptions to these rules going forward.

Strictly only registered paddlers will be allowed to paddle the race course during races. Races cannot be used for practice by non-registered paddlers. There are no exceptions to this rule irrespective of the paddler.

* All paddlers must have officially registered before the registration cut-off date & time; please see the event information on the SUP Vic website for timings.

* SUP Vic events, registration is usually cut-off 30-60 mins before the event.

* For Surfing Vic events, registration is cut-off prior to race day. Registration is via the Surfing Vic website.

* Strictly only registered paddlers will be allowed on and around the race course during races.

* Where registration is carried out prior to race day or via a website, all registered paddlers are required to complete a pre-race registration at the race tent prior to the race.

* At the pre-race registration, paddlers will have a race number drawn on their arm or leg or be presented with their race bib.

* Leg ropes are compulsory in all SUP Vic races. Leg ropes must be shown at the pre-race registration along with any other safety gear that may be specified for an individual event; eg, PFD, whistle, high visibility top, etc. Only upon completion of the race can a competitor remove their leg rope to run to the finish line.

* Following pre-race registration, all registered paddlers (competitors) must attend the pre-race briefing, which also includes race safety information.

* Once competitors have assembled at the start line, the Race Director/Starter will conduct the following check of all race participants immediately prior to the start of the race:

* All competitors will be checked by the Race Director for their race number or race bib.

* All competitors will be checked by the race director for their leg rope (and any additional safety equipment that has been stipulated for the event).

*The Race Director will be responsible for officiating the start and finish of the race. The Race Director is the head official and has the final say on disqualification rulings, finishes and race protest filings.

·*Protests – A written# protest must be filed with the Race Director within 15 minutes of the last competitor finishing the event. The Race Director along with any Race or Beach Marshalls and associated officials will be responsible for determining the outcome of any filed protests.

·*Five Stroke Rule – If a competitor falls, he/she will be allowed a maximum of 5 strokes to get back on his/her feet and stand up. This rule is in effect so that a paddler does not achieve an advantage by not standing up. Each competitor must complete the course in a standing position on their board. (This rule is subject to change by the Race Director prior to a race on the basis of conditions.)

# Competitors can get pen and paper from the race tent if required immediately following the race.