SUP Vic Annual Awards 2020 Winners

Perpetual Trophies

Club Champion 2020

  • Dave Warner

Great Melbourne Paddle Champions

  • Female – Tiga Gilber
  • Male – Dany LeClerc

Port Phillip Cup Champions

7km Race

  • Female – Tiga Gilbert
  • Male – Dave Warner

4km Race

  • Female – Vanessa Mollard

Surf ‘Frother’ Award

  • Sam Hodder

Club SUP Surf Champions

  • Female – Leanne Jack
  • Male – Chris Clarke

Downwind Daze 1km Split

  • Pete Jackson

Heart and Soul Award

  • Duncan Gosling

Annual Trophies

Pod Awards

  • HMB Female  – Elowyn Leonard
  • HMB Male – Rob Barton
  • West Melb Female – Susan Griska
  • West Melb Male – Steven Freund
  • Peninsula Female – Helen Fleer
  • Peninsula Male – Grae Newland

5km Virtual Challenge

  • Will Purcell

Port Phillip Cup Results

Port Phillip Cup 2016 Report and Results:

Australia Day, Tuesday 26th January 2016, saw the return of the iconic Port Phillip Cup to St Kilda – this year presented by SUP VIC in association with SUP HQ. Against the backdrop of the brand new marina the day broke sunny and full of promise for a day packed with racing, family fun & craziness on and of the water. The day’s program was all about fun and good times on and off the water with the main event, The Port Phillip Cup Flatwater SUP Race (with 12, 8, and 4km course kicking off a bit after 9am in hot and sticky conditions that tested some of the paddlers’ powers of endurance and we saw a few ding-dong balttles in the races-within-the-race. Followed shortly after by the Pet Classic on the infamous “Hot Dog” circuit, The kid race and the Giant SUP Team Time Trails. Alongside all this action there was Yoga on the beach for folks to get their Zen on and SUP Polo action for the crazies. Fun and good times on and off the water. Another great Video by DJ captures the event:


  • Pre-race Yoga on the beach (courtesy of Lululemon Brighton)
  • The dingdong battle between Mark ‘Helmy’ Elsworth and James Storm Carew for line honours ahead in the 8k field
  • Heath Meldrum, Chris Clarke and Warwick Lee taking clear honours in their respective divisions in the 12k (and showing the rest of us how it’s done)
  • Michael ‘Abadaba’ Abdilla’s pinpoint buoy turns on the Starboard ACE (it CAN be done)
  • Chris De Aboitiz and his amazing, precision SUP Dogs
  • Charlie Fairlie’s stunning defense of his pet race title (three for three)
  • 36 feet on an 18 foot SUP (4 men and 7 dogs on the giant SUPVIC Starship inflatable)
  • SUP Polo madness with PT and Teeps.
  • Super-tasty snags at the Sausage sizzle
  • The grins on the faces of all the newbies completing their first SUP race (you know who you are)
And too many more to list…

SUPVIC would like to thank:

  • Industry supporters of the event – GSI, KR SUP Centre, Red Paddle Co, SHQ Boardsports, Sunny King, Deep, 1SUP1 and of course SUPHQ
  • Lululemon Brighton for the pre-race yoga sessions
  • Love Your Insides Parkdale for the awesome organic smoothies and protein balls
  • Paul Harrington and Tim Patterson for SUP Polo
  • Sunny King for the use of the bouncy pontoons and JUMBO SUP
  • Rotary Club of Melbourne South for the sensational snags
  • Chris De Aboitiz for the amazing SUP Dog extravaganza
  • DJ Peterson for the ripper video
  • Earthcare St Kilda crew for their tireless work marshalling at water’s edge
  • All the volunteers from the club and SUP community that helped out on the day

Race Results:


Name/Board Type/Gender/Age/Group
  1. Heath Meldrum 14 M Open 1
  2. Chris Clark 14 M 40 2
  3. Warwick Lee 14 M 50 3
  4. Michael Abdilla 14 M 40 4
  5. Thomas McQueen 14 M Open 5
  6. Simon Albery 14 M Open 6
  7. Justin Ormond 14 M 40 7
  8. Michael Jenkins 14 M 50 8
  9. Tiga Gilbert 14 F Open 9
  10. Mark Renouf 14 M 50 10
  11. Jayce Gilbert 14 M 40 11
  12. Jason Tranter 14 M 50 12
  13. Cameron Smith Inflatable M Open 13
8K Name/Board Type/Gender/Age/Group
  1. Mark Elsworth 14 M 50
  2. James Carew 12.6 M open
  3. Lucy Bell 12.6 F open
  4. Alison Forrest 14 F 40
  5. Warren Davey 14 M 50
  6. Mark Tomhson 14 M 50
  7. Rob Barton 14 M 50
  8. David Warner Sport M 40
  9. Anna Robertson 12.6 F open
  10. Patchara Songprasert 12.6 F open
  11. Russel French 12.6 M open
  12. George Thomas 14 M 50
  13. Mark McOnie 12.6 M open
  14. Karl Deitz 14 M open
  15. Stuey Happ 14 M 40
  16. Danielle Cameron 14 F 40 -DNF
4k Name/Board Type/Gender/Age/Group
  1. Paul Shev 14 M 40 1
  2. David Peterson 14 M 50 2
  3. Con Toronis Sport M 40 3
  4. Greg Tobin 14 M 4
  5. Chris Lynch Inflatable M 40 5
  6. ian frazer 12.6 M 50 6
  7. James Mckellar 14 M Junior 7
  8. Allan Mckellar 14 M 40 8
  9. Jack Green Sport M 40 9
  10. Kal Marshall 14 M 50 DNF
  11. Racheal Blake 14 F open 1
  12. Brynee Clark 12.6 F open 2
  13. Jaqui Thomas 12 F 40 3
  14. Margi Cowgill Sport F 4
  15. Mel Cook 14 F Open 5
  16. Dani Erbs Sport F 6
  17. Susan North Sport F 40 7
Pet Race (Podium Finishers)
  1. 1) Charlie Fairlie
  2. 2) Spac Carew
  3. 3) Bond McKellar
Kids’ race (Podium finishers)
  1. 1) Sunny King
  2. 2) Rhys Downing
  3. 3) Coby Meyers
Giant SUP Time Trial (Podium)
  1. 1) Team “The Marshall Plan” – Kal Marshall, Annabel Marshall, Abby Howell and Chris Clarke
  2. 2) Team Feral
  3. 3) The Kings
  Photos: (by various, unashamedly stolen off Facebook posts!)

2015 Great Melbourne Paddle Report

2015 Great Melbourne Paddle Official Report

The day broke to dead calm conditions, mildly overcast, not cold, not too warm for the fun ahead. To Green Point Brighton at 6am for setup and organisation framed by a misty sunrise and a glassy bay. From 7am the LuluLemon Yoga crew got us all loose and limber for the rigours ahead, rego at 8:15 and race briefing at 9:00.

9:15 and 65 competitors lined up for the main event. The format was in laps of a 1k course with Round 1 – 2 laps, Round 2 – 2 laps and Round 3 -3 laps with about 15mins for recovery between rounds. Race director Warwick Lee was in charge of the gun and sent the Sport Class off with a bit of a head start, a ding-dong battle ensued between Young Dom (watch that kid), Geoff B, Big Stu and newcomer Warren D. The main field bolted from the beach shortly after with Heath Meldrum scooping each round by a large margin, and a hard fought tussle between Steve Ferguson and Chris Clarke for 2 and 3 on line honours with international ring-in Jeremy Riggs not far off the wakes. The evergreen Jean Ringrose caned again in open women with newcomers Anna and Patchara in hot pursuit. Dave and Darren from Geelong smashed it out in the 0/40’s men; Ann, Iseult and Alison were polite and civilised in the 0/40 women’s and in the hotly-contested 0/50 Mens group mates and rivals Damo, Paul and MJ battled it out.

Podium placings below, and our full photo coverage courtesy of Jason Reekie’s EVNT Photography

The rest of the morning filled up with board demos with heaps of newbies and passers-by on the beach, a downwind skill clinic with Jeremy Riggs, Giant SUP drag races and a kids’ race or three. Presentations followed, then to the SUPVIC Christmas party under the big orange tent, with a visit and a special poem from SUP Santa and a silent auction that raise a bucket o’ cash for the GMP companion charity SUP ability.

It really was a corker of a day (and there’s plenty where that came from folks, come and join us next on Australia Day January 26th at St Kilda for the Port Phillip Cup!).

Stu Thomas 

Special thanks to:
  • The SUPVIC committee team – Wooz, Kathy, Stuey, Shaz, Super-Damo, Mark, DJ and Dany for all their hard work in the lead-up.
  • Alan for the PA/DJ work, Mark for the Genny and Tim at Digital Media Creations for the promo art.
  • Mother Jen and the Moorabbin Rams Women’s Rugby Club for the superb snags and bacon & egg rolls and to Mel for the coffees.
  • Big thanks also to the water safety guys Sean Carew on Jet Ski and Arthur Naoumidis on Cruiser
  • For superb photography Jason Reekie of EVNT Photography.
  • Of course Tina and the LuluLemon Brighton yoga crew for their yoga sessions on the beach and healthy snacks and drinks.
  • Jeremy Riggs for pulling a night flight from Perth to paddle with us and share his knowledge and expertise (and SHQ/SIC for bringing him over – he’s a helluva nice bloke)
  • The Lunch Ladies Shaz, Kathy, Anna, Jean, for the Spread at the SUPVIC Christmas Party afterward
  • Thanks also to our sponsors and supporters for making such a huge presence on the beach – Fanatic, Naish, SHQ/SIC, CORE Boardsports, KR SUP, The Zu Boardsports, Jet OceanSports, Sunny King, and RedPaddleCo, DC, DEEP/1SUP1, Globe Skateboards and Go Natural .
  • Of course a HUGE thanks to all of the SUPVIC members and friends that made the day…that helped set up, helped pack up, paddled hard and fair, had a ton of fun and brought the stoke in buckets.

Images courtesy Chris Sal

Main Race Placings (by division)

Open Men
1/ Heath Meldrum
2/ Steve Ferguson
3/ Jeremy Riggs

Open Women
1/ Jean Ringrose
2/ Patchara Songprasert
3/ Anna Robertson

O/40 Women
1/ Alison Forrest
2/ Iseult Stephenson
3/ Anne Thomson

O/40 Men
1/ Chris Clarke
2/ Dave Sprague
3/ Darren Corbett

O/50 Men
1/ Damien Quinlan
2/ MJ
3/ Paul Gaynor

Sport Class (Non-race boards 12’ and under)
1/ Geoff Barden
2/ Domenic Frederico
3/ Stu Thomas

1/ Domenic Frederico
2/ James McKellar


Photos by EVNT – visit them for your next event photography

Congratulations to SUP VIC winners…

2015 KeNalu AuSUP Flatwater Championships – Penrith NSW, March 13-15th 2015

A great weekend of events saw Victoria well represented at the Kenalu AuSUP SUPFEST Flatwater Sprint Championships in Penrith, NSW this weekend.

Jean Ringrose took out overall Women’s Over 40s Champion

Jean Ringrose really proved that hard work and training really pays off, winning the overall Over 40s Women’s title. A fantastic effort from Jean, and clearly the training as part of the SUP VIC HMB Training Group has paid off dividends. In the individual divisions: In the 1000m Jean won the silver in the women’s 1000m. I understand the woman who beat her is from NZ so that makes Jean fastest in Oz. Also, Jean took the Over 40s title. The rest of the team set very quick times in their respective finals, but were all just aside the medals. In the 200m Wow – Jean won Over 40 Women 200m. Missed out on winning Women’s Open by just 0.11 sec. Among the Men, Victoria’s own Grant Hardiman finished 4th, Steve Ferguson got 6th and Simon Albery 9th. In the Men’s Veterans, Chris Clarke finished 4th. And in the 5km race Jean came second overall and first in Over 40s. Tiga Gilbert came in 7th. In the Men’s, Grant Hardiman came 3rd, Simon Albury came 5th and Steve Ferguson 9th. In the Men’s Over 40s, Chris Clarke came 8th. A fantastic effort from the Victorians, and thanks to AuSUP for running another great event.

2015 Bay To Beach Challenge – Beaumaris to Elwood, Sunday Mar 15th 2015

More locally, the inaugural Bay To Beach Challenge race was held in what turned out to be good Downwinder conditions from Beaumaris to Elwood, about 14kms by AOCRA (Australian Outrigger Canoe Racing Association) who invited SUP into the event. Congratulations to Michael Abdilla winning the race with Paul Harrington taking out third from Damien Quinlan. 1. Michael Abdilla 2. Paul PT Woody 3. Damien Quinlan We hope that this race will become a regular in the Victorian race calendar and it was well run with beer prizes and a free BBQ afterwards.

East Coast Summer Classic SUP Comp Report

The East Coast Summer Classic was held on Sunday 23 February at the Gunnery surf break in Flinders. Conditions were not ideal, however after consultation amongst the crew at Sup Vic Surf it was decided that the event had to happen. We had a terrific turnout with a record number of female entrants wanting to get amongst the waves together with a couple of eager juniors.

Whilst there were lots of blokes from both East and West Coasts that I must say, the calibre of surfers were amongst the best in Victoria that registered making the event draw a very difficult job to produce quickly in order to get the heats happening. The conditions were trying at best with a slight onshore and dropping tide but we were blessed by the likes of our regular highly capable crew members and a few new comers like Scott and Sam Hosking, Andrew Hocking, Emma Web, Lucy Bell all stamping their claim of the best in the surf at the East Coast Summer Classic. The low tide meant the BBQ was fired up early with lots of “don’t ask the contents” sausages were cooked and eaten, I saw more than one person go back for seconds which may or may not enhanced the performance later on when the comp resumed. Quickly through the requals and semi’s to the pointy end of the comp with the Women’s final being completed whereby Emma Web showed why she is one of the best female surfers in both the long board and Sup in Victoria taking out the coveted Summer classic and the Psup voucher for her efforts, well done Emma, all the girls did well , some of them out in those difficult conditions for the first time.

Also worth mentioning young Kenta Ferguson took out the juniors with his young mate Tom Grace showing that there is a bright future in the juniors in Vicco. The Men’s final took place, some really great surfing with Chris, Harry, Scott and Al doing their best to slash and burn every turn, cutback and rentry possible with the final winning margin as close as you could call with Chris returning to the winners dais with Harry, Scott and Al in those respective positions.

Once again we at Sup Vic Surf would like to thank all those who made the effort to come on down to the event, we also want to thank the Summer Classic sponsors, Peninsula Sup (Psup) for their support and providing lots of vouchers for the winners and place getters. Chris, Dean, Stewy and I went to the pub for a few coldies and to kick back with pride of a job well done… PS, stayed tuned for some new exciting developments happening in the 2014 Sup Surf Calender, Next Event will be held on the West Coast, with the new Autumns swell promising to make the next event a Classic…..Regards MJ      

SUP VIC Surf Spring Classic Report

The Mornington Peninsula Spring Classic will be fondly remembered by all competitors, organisers and spectators alike. The Spring Classic delivered two separate events for the SUP disciplines of surfing and surf racing.

The SUP Vic surfing sub-committee, with two successful West Coast events under their belt, set a goal for the Spring Classic of providing the best possible conditions for both the surfing and surf racing. Permits were obtained for a handful of the Peninsula’s best surf spots and holding period set to provide us with the best possible chance of achieving our goal. You be the judge but we reckon we scored!


Following a postponement for the first date of the waiting period due to average conditions, the surf comp was called on for the following weekend with a forecast for some solid swell, offshore winds and a sunny 29 degrees. On first inspection of the reef, the morning of the comp, Point Leo was looking about as good as it gets but the tide was a bit low and the offshore was howling. A slightly delayed start saw the first round heats head out with the option of picking off the big bombs out the back in the wind or surfing the inside section under the protection of the headland. By the third round the wind had backed off, the tide had filled in and the reef was firing. Each competitor surfed a minimum of two heats with the finalists lucky enough to get back into it a third time. At the end of the day the results were as follows: OPEN MEN 1st Chris Clarke 2nd Brendan Nachtigal 3rd Michael Jenkins 4th Leon Blachos OPEN WOMEN 1st Kristi Page JUNIORS 1st Kenta Fergusson     A great time and great waves were had by all. The word “epic” was heard regularly throughout the day in relation to the waves, the weather and the quality of the surfing. Many thanks to SHQ Boardsports for their surf event sponsorship, prizes and providing their fleet of JP demo boards for the crew to drool over.

IMAGE GALLERY: (click on first image to view gallery)

Spring Classic Surf CompSpring Classic Surf Comp



The weekend after the surf comp found us back at Pt Leo but this time with the race boards and the SUP Vic fleet of N1SCO 12’6” inflatables. The request for a repeat of the warm sunny day we had for the surf comp didn’t eventuate, instead we were greeted with intermittent sunshine, a light onshore breeze and 2’ of swell. A course was set to have competitors paddle out across First Reef to the first buoy turn then ride waves in to the second buoy in the shorebreak. From here competitors paddled out the back of Second Reef where they rounded another buoy to again ride waves through to the shore for a short beach run. Then back out through the surf to the First Reef buoy and surf all the way to the finish line. All paddlers were catered for with Men’s 12’6”, Women’s 12’6” and a paddle whatever you’ve got, whatever you want Fun category.

Two hard fought races were run with the lead changing several times in each. The final results of the competitive categories were: MEN’S 12’6” 1st Chris Clarke 2nd Dean Elcoat 3rd Steve Ferguson               WOMEN’S 12’6” 1st Lucy Bell 2nd Jean Ringrose Coyne 3rd Kathy Naoumidis             Following a short break it was time for the N1SCO 12’6” inflatable relay races. A short sprint course was set out across the reef and back and the paddlers were divided into teams to start discussing tactics. Two races were run providing the highlight of the day with no shortage of thrills, spills and carnage. The camaraderie amongst the crew cheering on their team mates was fantastic. No one remembers who won and it didn’t really matter anyway. Fun was the big winner.