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Port Phillip Cup Results

Port Phillip Cup 2016 Report and Results:

Australia Day, Tuesday 26th January 2016, saw the return of the iconic Port Phillip Cup to St Kilda – this year presented by SUP VIC in association with SUP HQ. Against the backdrop of the brand new marina the day broke sunny and full of promise for a day packed with racing, family fun & craziness on and of the water. The day’s program was all about fun and good times on and off the water with the main event, The Port Phillip Cup Flatwater SUP Race (with 12, 8, and 4km course kicking off a bit after 9am in hot and sticky conditions that tested some of the paddlers’ powers of endurance and we saw a few ding-dong balttles in the races-within-the-race. Followed shortly after by the Pet Classic on the infamous “Hot Dog” circuit, The kid race and the Giant SUP Team Time Trails. Alongside all this action there was Yoga on the beach for folks to get their Zen on and SUP Polo action for the crazies. Fun and good times on and off the water. Another great Video by DJ captures the event:


  • Pre-race Yoga on the beach (courtesy of Lululemon Brighton)
  • The dingdong battle between Mark ‘Helmy’ Elsworth and James Storm Carew for line honours ahead in the 8k field
  • Heath Meldrum, Chris Clarke and Warwick Lee taking clear honours in their respective divisions in the 12k (and showing the rest of us how it’s done)
  • Michael ‘Abadaba’ Abdilla’s pinpoint buoy turns on the Starboard ACE (it CAN be done)
  • Chris De Aboitiz and his amazing, precision SUP Dogs
  • Charlie Fairlie’s stunning defense of his pet race title (three for three)
  • 36 feet on an 18 foot SUP (4 men and 7 dogs on the giant SUPVIC Starship inflatable)
  • SUP Polo madness with PT and Teeps.
  • Super-tasty snags at the Sausage sizzle
  • The grins on the faces of all the newbies completing their first SUP race (you know who you are)
And too many more to list…

SUPVIC would like to thank:

  • Industry supporters of the event – GSI, KR SUP Centre, Red Paddle Co, SHQ Boardsports, Sunny King, Deep, 1SUP1 and of course SUPHQ
  • Lululemon Brighton for the pre-race yoga sessions
  • Love Your Insides Parkdale for the awesome organic smoothies and protein balls
  • Paul Harrington and Tim Patterson for SUP Polo
  • Sunny King for the use of the bouncy pontoons and JUMBO SUP
  • Rotary Club of Melbourne South for the sensational snags
  • Chris De Aboitiz for the amazing SUP Dog extravaganza
  • DJ Peterson for the ripper video
  • Earthcare St Kilda crew for their tireless work marshalling at water’s edge
  • All the volunteers from the club and SUP community that helped out on the day

Race Results:


Name/Board Type/Gender/Age/Group
  1. Heath Meldrum 14 M Open 1
  2. Chris Clark 14 M 40 2
  3. Warwick Lee 14 M 50 3
  4. Michael Abdilla 14 M 40 4
  5. Thomas McQueen 14 M Open 5
  6. Simon Albery 14 M Open 6
  7. Justin Ormond 14 M 40 7
  8. Michael Jenkins 14 M 50 8
  9. Tiga Gilbert 14 F Open 9
  10. Mark Renouf 14 M 50 10
  11. Jayce Gilbert 14 M 40 11
  12. Jason Tranter 14 M 50 12
  13. Cameron Smith Inflatable M Open 13
8K Name/Board Type/Gender/Age/Group
  1. Mark Elsworth 14 M 50
  2. James Carew 12.6 M open
  3. Lucy Bell 12.6 F open
  4. Alison Forrest 14 F 40
  5. Warren Davey 14 M 50
  6. Mark Tomhson 14 M 50
  7. Rob Barton 14 M 50
  8. David Warner Sport M 40
  9. Anna Robertson 12.6 F open
  10. Patchara Songprasert 12.6 F open
  11. Russel French 12.6 M open
  12. George Thomas 14 M 50
  13. Mark McOnie 12.6 M open
  14. Karl Deitz 14 M open
  15. Stuey Happ 14 M 40
  16. Danielle Cameron 14 F 40 -DNF
4k Name/Board Type/Gender/Age/Group
  1. Paul Shev 14 M 40 1
  2. David Peterson 14 M 50 2
  3. Con Toronis Sport M 40 3
  4. Greg Tobin 14 M 4
  5. Chris Lynch Inflatable M 40 5
  6. ian frazer 12.6 M 50 6
  7. James Mckellar 14 M Junior 7
  8. Allan Mckellar 14 M 40 8
  9. Jack Green Sport M 40 9
  10. Kal Marshall 14 M 50 DNF
  11. Racheal Blake 14 F open 1
  12. Brynee Clark 12.6 F open 2
  13. Jaqui Thomas 12 F 40 3
  14. Margi Cowgill Sport F 4
  15. Mel Cook 14 F Open 5
  16. Dani Erbs Sport F 6
  17. Susan North Sport F 40 7
Pet Race (Podium Finishers)
  1. 1) Charlie Fairlie
  2. 2) Spac Carew
  3. 3) Bond McKellar
Kids’ race (Podium finishers)
  1. 1) Sunny King
  2. 2) Rhys Downing
  3. 3) Coby Meyers
Giant SUP Time Trial (Podium)
  1. 1) Team “The Marshall Plan” – Kal Marshall, Annabel Marshall, Abby Howell and Chris Clarke
  2. 2) Team Feral
  3. 3) The Kings
  Photos: (by various, unashamedly stolen off Facebook posts!)

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Hey all members and friends of SUPVIC – a window of opportunity has opened up and we have JUMPED right through it.

It’s a bit short notice but we (your club committee, through the hard work of our very own Super-Damo) will be running a SURF EVENT on Sunday 30th August on the Mornington Peninsula. Precise venue and time will be confirmed closer to the day but for the meantime please put a placeholder in your diaries (we have the following Sunday 6th September available as a fallback).

This will be a FUN and FRIENDLY comp for SUP surfers of ALL ages, levels and shoe sizes. Emphasis on participation and good times, no sheep stations involved. There may even be sausages. Put it in your diaries, more details to come very soon.


GET STOKED 3 & Naish Demo Day

Core Boardsports presents the third annual GET STOKED race at Eastern Beach, Geelong on Sunday November 8th. This event just keeps getting better. The race consists of either an ‘A’ Grade 12km (or possibly 13.5km) course race and a ‘B’ grade single 4.5km lap course around the beautiful Geelong waterfront with the event location on Eastern Beach. Registration is from 8:30am, with racing starting at 9:30am sharp! The day will also include the Naish Demo Day as part of the event.


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Congratulations to SUP VIC winners…

2015 KeNalu AuSUP Flatwater Championships – Penrith NSW, March 13-15th 2015

A great weekend of events saw Victoria well represented at the Kenalu AuSUP SUPFEST Flatwater Sprint Championships in Penrith, NSW this weekend.

Jean Ringrose took out overall Women’s Over 40s Champion

Jean Ringrose really proved that hard work and training really pays off, winning the overall Over 40s Women’s title. A fantastic effort from Jean, and clearly the training as part of the SUP VIC HMB Training Group has paid off dividends. In the individual divisions: In the 1000m Jean won the silver in the women’s 1000m. I understand the woman who beat her is from NZ so that makes Jean fastest in Oz. Also, Jean took the Over 40s title. The rest of the team set very quick times in their respective finals, but were all just aside the medals. In the 200m Wow – Jean won Over 40 Women 200m. Missed out on winning Women’s Open by just 0.11 sec. Among the Men, Victoria’s own Grant Hardiman finished 4th, Steve Ferguson got 6th and Simon Albery 9th. In the Men’s Veterans, Chris Clarke finished 4th. And in the 5km race Jean came second overall and first in Over 40s. Tiga Gilbert came in 7th. In the Men’s, Grant Hardiman came 3rd, Simon Albury came 5th and Steve Ferguson 9th. In the Men’s Over 40s, Chris Clarke came 8th. A fantastic effort from the Victorians, and thanks to AuSUP for running another great event.

2015 Bay To Beach Challenge – Beaumaris to Elwood, Sunday Mar 15th 2015

More locally, the inaugural Bay To Beach Challenge race was held in what turned out to be good Downwinder conditions from Beaumaris to Elwood, about 14kms by AOCRA (Australian Outrigger Canoe Racing Association) who invited SUP into the event. Congratulations to Michael Abdilla winning the race with Paul Harrington taking out third from Damien Quinlan. 1. Michael Abdilla 2. Paul PT Woody 3. Damien Quinlan We hope that this race will become a regular in the Victorian race calendar and it was well run with beer prizes and a free BBQ afterwards.



Published on http://www.supthemag.com/how-to-sup/skills-awareness/

River, ocean, lake, canal, pond; race, surf, tour, downwind. Where and how you can paddle a standup board is endless. And that means a safety realm just as broad. Having fun is important, but doing it safely should be priority one. We’ve broken safety down into three segments.


Be Humble. Be courteous of prone surfers. Know your ability level and do your best to surf in zones designated for standup paddling. Or better yet, paddle to a lesser-known (usually less-popular) break. Even though it might not be the same quality, you have a paddle in your hands so you can make it past that flat section on the wave. Plus, you’ll have it to yourself. Beginners should never paddle out into a crowded lineupfilled with prone surfers and/or boogie boarders. Surfing well is about experience. Ask a shop owner for good spots in your area to gain it.

Wear a leash. Standup boards are not small. If they get away from you they are dangerous in surf zones. Be sure you’re wearing a leash. Plus, that board attached to you is the best form of flotation you have.

Wear a suit. As a beginner, you’ll probably be in the water a lot. A good wetsuit can do wonders for your core body temperature. And hypothermia can happen fast in cold climates.

Use sunscreen. Or a rashguard to protect your skin. In tropical climates (or anywhere you’re exposed to the sun for that matter), sunburn can occur within 15 minutes. Try waterproof SPF 30-50.

Photo Robert Zaleski


Be Humble. Know your ability level, starting slow and moving up. Talk to an outfitter, guide or your local shop owner for recommendations. Find a good, slow-moving stretch of water to get used to current and how it feels relative to your board.

Wear a PFD. In the river the PFD is paramount. Currents bumping off an uneven riverbed are unpredictable at best. A lifejacket is key to the running rivers safely on a SUP.

Use a Quick-Release. The use of leashes on the river is debatable. Loose rope or straps that could cause entanglement have always been poo-pooed in river culture. If you do use a leash (always coiled), it must be done in conjunction with a quick-release belt (inarguable). The leash attaches to a metal O-ring with the belt releasable at the waist in case of emergency. Even in slow current, a leash hung up on a branch or tree can be deadly; the force of water is many times your body weight, making it impossible to reach your ankle if need be.

Wear a Helmet. Protecting your dome is always a good thing.

Hypothermia is Real. Since you’re on a river, the water is probably coming from snowmelt. Be sure and wear a wetsuit, drysuit or other paddling gear to keep warm.

Wear Protective Gear. Many of the rivers we paddle are shallow. And if you’re paddling rapids, shin and kneepads work in case of a fall.

Paddle with a Partner. This pretty much applies to any kind of paddling. It’s always better to be on the water with a buddy.


Be Humble. Know your limits. If it’s your first time, you don’t need to do a marathon. Talk to your local shop owner about good places for first-timers to paddle.

Bring Flotation. Check with your local shop owner about Coast Guard rules and regulations (as well as local policy) regarding lifejackats and paddling vessels. Regardless, it’s always good to have a PFD on board, especially since companies like MTI make versions you can wear around your waist that don’t inhibit your stroke.

Know the Weather. It can change instantly. Find the best local website for weather forecasts, wind and/or wave predictions and tide charts. Have a plan and tell someone back on land what it is. There’s no shame in carrying a SPOT device or some other form of communication. You’ll be safer for it.

Paddle with a Partner. Again. It’s just fun to share. And it’s safer.

And finally. We can preach safety at the top of our keyboards, and you can research it all you want on the interwebs, but absolutely nothing will ever replace interaction with a good, experienced shop owner. Find one now in your area and ask more questions. Get more answers and have fun safely. This article originally ran in our 2013 Beginner’s Guide.