SUP VIC CBD Christmas social paddle

On Sunday evening, 22nd December 2013 – SUP VIC held a social paddle from the rowing clubs opposite Federation Square, to South Wharf, along the Yarra River in Melbourne’s CBD, much to the surprise of Christmas revellers. DJ of course filmed the event:
Looks like a fun relaxed paddle.  Social paddles are planned for every fortnight, weather permitting, so keep an eye on the EVENTS CALENDAR.

SUP VIC Surf Spring Classic Report

The Mornington Peninsula Spring Classic will be fondly remembered by all competitors, organisers and spectators alike. The Spring Classic delivered two separate events for the SUP disciplines of surfing and surf racing.

The SUP Vic surfing sub-committee, with two successful West Coast events under their belt, set a goal for the Spring Classic of providing the best possible conditions for both the surfing and surf racing. Permits were obtained for a handful of the Peninsula’s best surf spots and holding period set to provide us with the best possible chance of achieving our goal. You be the judge but we reckon we scored!


Following a postponement for the first date of the waiting period due to average conditions, the surf comp was called on for the following weekend with a forecast for some solid swell, offshore winds and a sunny 29 degrees. On first inspection of the reef, the morning of the comp, Point Leo was looking about as good as it gets but the tide was a bit low and the offshore was howling. A slightly delayed start saw the first round heats head out with the option of picking off the big bombs out the back in the wind or surfing the inside section under the protection of the headland. By the third round the wind had backed off, the tide had filled in and the reef was firing. Each competitor surfed a minimum of two heats with the finalists lucky enough to get back into it a third time. At the end of the day the results were as follows: OPEN MEN 1st Chris Clarke 2nd Brendan Nachtigal 3rd Michael Jenkins 4th Leon Blachos OPEN WOMEN 1st Kristi Page JUNIORS 1st Kenta Fergusson     A great time and great waves were had by all. The word “epic” was heard regularly throughout the day in relation to the waves, the weather and the quality of the surfing. Many thanks to SHQ Boardsports for their surf event sponsorship, prizes and providing their fleet of JP demo boards for the crew to drool over.

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Spring Classic Surf CompSpring Classic Surf Comp



The weekend after the surf comp found us back at Pt Leo but this time with the race boards and the SUP Vic fleet of N1SCO 12’6” inflatables. The request for a repeat of the warm sunny day we had for the surf comp didn’t eventuate, instead we were greeted with intermittent sunshine, a light onshore breeze and 2’ of swell. A course was set to have competitors paddle out across First Reef to the first buoy turn then ride waves in to the second buoy in the shorebreak. From here competitors paddled out the back of Second Reef where they rounded another buoy to again ride waves through to the shore for a short beach run. Then back out through the surf to the First Reef buoy and surf all the way to the finish line. All paddlers were catered for with Men’s 12’6”, Women’s 12’6” and a paddle whatever you’ve got, whatever you want Fun category.

Two hard fought races were run with the lead changing several times in each. The final results of the competitive categories were: MEN’S 12’6” 1st Chris Clarke 2nd Dean Elcoat 3rd Steve Ferguson               WOMEN’S 12’6” 1st Lucy Bell 2nd Jean Ringrose Coyne 3rd Kathy Naoumidis             Following a short break it was time for the N1SCO 12’6” inflatable relay races. A short sprint course was set out across the reef and back and the paddlers were divided into teams to start discussing tactics. Two races were run providing the highlight of the day with no shortage of thrills, spills and carnage. The camaraderie amongst the crew cheering on their team mates was fantastic. No one remembers who won and it didn’t really matter anyway. Fun was the big winner.

RPS/Sup Vic Half Moon Bay Blast

It’s on again, the RPS The Boardstore Half Moon Bay Blast race, followed by the SUP VIC Christmas Party, on Sunday December 15th 2013 at Half Moon Bay, Black Rock… MORE…

2013 Great Melbourne Paddle Report & Results

I think I am pretty confident in saying, from all the feedback we have received on Seabreeze, Facebook and in messages, that the 2013 Great Melbourne Paddle Regatta was a hit, and the best event we have run to date. At one stage, just after 80+ paddlers launched into the water for the first round of the SUP SURVIVOR race, I looked around at everything happening on and off the water, and one word struck me; EPIC. The Survivor paddlers were heading out on calm waters that reflected the blue sky, in 28-degrees, Dogman Roger Saunders was calling the race over the PA with the Survivor theme as his backing track and off to the side, Nick Hauf from Monkey Business was giving a free SUP clinic to some walk-up newcomers to the sport, both of whom had grins on their face. Kristi Page was busy with a group of kids in her SUP kids clinic, who were laughing and having an absolute ball. Behind me, Paul from The Zu and Rod from Starboard were showing off new boards to people in their demo / product display area. Sup Vic President and Event Co-Director Paul Harrington was busy setting up for the first novelty race – the Teams Pursuit, and curious onlookers were fascinated by the whole proceedings. It really was an Epic event. Here’s DJs take on the day:
I don’t think I have ever felt so satisfied with what SUP VIC had achieved in promoting the sport, bringing all the competing brands and retailers together, and creating a real celebration of the sport we all love. Soon after, Priscilla Patterson took the little ones under her wing and started the sandcastle building competition under the huge Fanatic/Ion tent that shaded them from the sun, followed by a treasure hunt, keeping the little-ones occupied while Mums and Dads competed in races, demos and lessons. The Ocean Grove Netball Club cooked up a storm on the BBQ, with a coffee van keeping everyone’s caffeine levels topped-up. One by one the Survivor Racers completed the 3km circuits, five in all for the top competitors, with 10% of competitors being eliminated after each. The winner of each round received the ‘Immunity Necklace’, allowing them to take it easy on the subsequent round. The wind started to pick up and by round 4 was a gusty 10-15kn, adding challenge to the remaining paddlers. Meanwhile, the eliminated competitors took part in a series of novelty races while the Survivor rounds continued. The teams pursuit saw teams of four paddlers chase the other team. The relay races were punctuated by laughter. The pairs race saw one member of the pair run up the beach, while the other paddled out and around one of the rockwall groins and in to shore where they picked up their partner and the two of them on the one board then raced home.
Click on image for Photo Gallery: 2013 Great Melbourne Paddle2013 Great Melbourne Paddle
By the time the SUP-X race was on, we were down to the last 8 men and last 3 women for the final round of Survivor, making up the 15kms throughout the day.  Half way around the final lap, Heath Meldrum was challenged by Andy Davies, but pulled away to take out the title of Sole Survivor.  In the Women’s, Jean Ringrose once again proved her dominance in the Victorian women’s field by winning her second consecutive Great Melbourne Paddle title. If that wasn’t enough, Jean and Heath then backed up their 15km winning performances to then take out the Men’s and Women’s sprints straight after the Survivor heats.  Massive effort. We are pleased to have raised over $400 for the Mirabel Foundation, our principal charity, as well as provide a great day out for the bunch of kids that Mirabel’s Vaughn McCarthy brought along to the event. Here’s the list of results: SUP SURVIVOR Men’s  1. Heath Meldrum 2. Andy Davies 3. Harry Lee SUP SURVIVOR Women’s 1. Jean Ringrose Coyne 2. Lucy Bell 3. Ann Thomson   200m SPRINT MENS OPEN 1. Heath Meldrum 2. Jon Sheard 3. Jono Kale WOMENS OPEN 1. Jean Ringrose Coyne 2. Lucy Bell MENS MASTERS 1. Chris Clarke 2. Dean Elcoat 3. Jason Isles WOMENS MASTERS 1. Janyce O’Keeffe MENS SENIORS 1. Michael JenkinsWarwick Lee 3. Damien Quinlan MENS POWER PADDLERS 1. Tim Patterson 2. Stuart Thomas KIDS JUNIOR 14-17 1. Aaron Kale 2. Noah 3. Dylan GIRLS 14-17 1. Shania KIDS UNDER 14 1. Emi Frederico 2. Bryony Clarke 3. Dom Frederico. SUP-X 1. Dean Elcoat 2. Tom McQueen 3. Jono Kale SUP PAIRS 1. Al Fairlie & Rob Wong SUP RELAY 1st: Darren Curry Kal Marshal Isaac Marshal Con Toronis SUP TEAM PURSUIT: 1st: Anastasia Naoumidis Jazmyn Wellington Kate Doyle Michelle Ness TREASURE HUNT WINNER: Josh Elcoat. Of course we couldn’t have done it without our sponsors: SHQ, Core BoardsportsRps Theboardstore, The Zu Boardsports, Sunny King Paddleboards, Obsurfation, JP Australia, Surftech, Naish, Starboard, Fanatic, Monkey Business, Globe, Island Tribe, PSUPS, Go Natural.
Special thanks to Kristi Page for the awesome kids clinics, Monkey Business for the free lessons and Priscilla Patterson for running the kids activities. Thank you also to the SUP VIC racing committee, Stu, Warwick, Al, Rob & Paul for the tremendous effort organising such a brilliant event, to MJ, Ann, Phill and everyone else who jumped in and helped man the registration desk.  And finally, The Dogman for his humor and dedication behind the mike as our MC. – Tim Patterson, Event Co-Director

Introduction to Downwinding

Earlier this week, I mentioned the possibility of staging a Downwind skills session for newcomers to this most aspirational and exciting aspect of stand up paddling. Well, it is ON. The first SUP VIC Introduction to Downwind session is set for this Sunday 8th December. The plan is to meet at Green Point at 10am. Start point for the actual downwind run will be Langridge St West StKilda, or possibly Kerferd Rd South Melbourne, depending on access restrictions due to a Fun Run. Either way, if you come to Green Point at 10 o’clock to load boards, we will make the call from there. The idea behind this this is to introduce newcomers to Downwinding, although we would very much like all experienced practitioners to come along too as your Jedi wisdom and know-how is much desired by the young apprentices. Our intention is to assign each newcomer with an experienced mentor to provide instructions and guidance. The ideal board for downwinding on Port Phillip is 14′, but a 12’6″ works just fine. Non-race boards much shorter than that are not recommended. We may be able to arrange something suitable for those who put their hands up fastest. As this is a SUP VIC social event, all participants will be required to wear leg ropes and PFDs. The inflatable bumbag style is allowed. We will have VHF radios out on the water for communication among the crew. The distance is roughly 10 km and we are never more than 1 km off shore. Please note, downwind paddling is an adventure sport in open water and there are inherent risks involved. Conditions on the day will be challenging, and although we will take precautions, you must understand that you participate at your own risk. There will be no cost involved; we simply want to introduce as many people to the fun of this most Zen-like element of the sport – trust me, you will have a blast and never look at stand up paddling the same way again. If you are eager to join in, email me on or ring DJ on 0433 109 989.

The 2013 Great Melbourne Paddle Regatta

On Sunday December 1st SUP VIC will hold their annual Great Melbourne Paddle Regatta, and this year we are taking it to a whole new level, with the focus on participation and FUN. Featuring a full day of Family events and the inaugural SUP SURVIVOR format running of the Great Melbourne Paddle, plus Exhibitor tents from all the major manufacturers featuring all the latest gear to try out! Read more…