RPS / Starboard Flatwater SUP Series 2010/11

Revised programme for this weekend – 18 & 19/12/2010. Forecast for Saturday Winds: Westerly 15 to 25 knots tending west to southwesterly 10 to 15 knots around midday then tending south to southwesterly about 10 knots by early evening. Winds tending south to southeasterly about 10 knots later in the evening. Seas: 1 to 1.5 metres increasing to 2 metres around dawn then decreasing to 1 metre during the afternoon. The chance of thunderstorms in the morning. Forecast for Sunday Winds: Northeasterly 10 to 15 knots tending north to northwesterly 15 to 20 knots during the morning then tending west to southwesterly during the afternoon. Seas: 0.5 to 1 metres increasing to 1 to 1.5 metres during the evening. The chance of thunderstorms from midday. The wind on Sat morning is going to make it virtually impossible to demo any sup’s in the bay. The SUP Tour bus will still be at Elwood Foreshore carpark with it’s full compliment of demo boards for people to try if keen and there will be staff to chat to about the various new models. Hopefully the wind will moderate during the day to allow sup demo. Also, for those of you who windsurf, there will be a range of new 2011 Starboard and Severne toys to play with. Sunday / Race day will see a shift of venue to Mentone Beach.  Mentone offers great protection from the wind and there’s very little chop to contend with. Parking is located at either the carpark adjacent to the Lifesaving Club or in side streets off Beach Rd. Unfortunately there is a parking curfew on Beach rd on Sat and Sun between the hours of 6am and 10am due to the number of cyclists that frequent the area. It’s probably easiest to unload your boards in the carpark and then re-park your car. The Melways ref for Mentone is 86 J7. There is also stair access opposite Plummer st. Racing will start at 9.30am Sharp, as there’s a cahnce the wind may swing early. If you’re not a Sup Vic Member, then perhaps join online beforehand, as entry to the entire RPS/Starboard 3 race series is absolutely FREE! How’s that for value? Sup Vic representatives will be there on the day if you wish join then. The Starboard Sup Tour Demo bus will also be there on Sunday for anyone that would like to try any of the 2011 Starboard Sup’s. Come and Play. See you all there.

Coreban Great Melbourne Paddle Results

Here are the results from the 8km Legends of the Bay race at the Great Melbourne Paddle. Note Cameron Hosking and Woogie Marsh disqualified for missing a marker buoy on the course..

Place Name Board Class Time
* Cameron Hosking 14’ Naish Javelin Open 0.49.46
* Woogie Marsh 14’ Coreban Alpha Open 0.50.06
1 Matt Lumley 14’ Naish Javelin Open 0.52.09
2 Andrew Hocking 15’ Starboard K15 Open 0.52.30
3 Peter Wilson 18’ SIC F18 Open 0.54.28
4 Warwick Lee 15’ Starboard K15 Open 0.54.43
5 Simon Baum 17’ Naish Glide Open 0.59.17
6 Brendan Boxall 14’ Naish Javelin Open 0.59.44
7 DJ Peterson 17’ Naish Glide Open 1.00.13
8 James Toth 12.6’ Fanatic Fly Race Open 1.01.01
9 Rupert Lancashire 11.4’ Naish Nalu Open 1.01.19
10 Christian Parsons 12’ Naish Glide Open 1.01.21
11 Luke Meyers 14’ Coreban Alpha Open 1.02.12
12 Mick Calder 12’ Naish Glide Open 1.02.26
1/13 Lynda Lim 14’ Lahui Kai Women 1.04.12
14 Matthew Kurek 12.6’ Starboard Pin Open 1.04.14
2/15 Rea Haare 14’ Naish Glide Women 1.04.44
16 Andrew Graham 12’ Naish Glide Open 1.04.53
17 Ross McClure 14’ Naish Glide Open 1.05.07
1/18 Taylor Jenkins 14’ Naish Glide Junior 1.05.27
19 Leon Blachos ? Naish Open 1.06.36
20 Robert Burns 14’ Coreban Alpha Open 1.07.18
21 Craig Spottswood ? Open 1.07.31
22 Michael Jenkins 12’ Naish Glide Open 1.08.04
23 Bruce Thompson 14’ Naish Glide Open 1.09.25
24 Anthony Nicholson 11.4’ Naish Nalu Open 1.10.18
25 Mel Kale 14’ Naish Glide Open 1.10.32
26 Berni Wendland ? Mal Open 1.11.16
3/27 Jean Ringrose Coyne 14’ Naish Glide Women 1.11.59
4/2/28 Kristi Page 14’ C4 Vortice Women/Jnr 1.12.00
28 Rodney Chapman 14’ Open 1.12.00
30 Phillip Chalko ? Open 1.14.18
31 Jon Sheard 11.4’ Naish Nalu Open 1.14.52
5/32 Janette McMaster 12’ Naish Glide Women 1.16.20
6/33 Jaselyn O’Sullivan RPS Women 1.16.21
34 Dan Hoggett 12.6’ Starboard Pin Open 1.16.50
35 Milo Harrison SHQ Open 1.20.34
7/37 Felicity Frederico Women 1.21.26
38 Noel Gallagher Sunny King Open 1.22.37
39 Bradley Cameron NSP Open 1.26.33
1/40 Ben Owzinsky Prone 1.26.37
8/41 Kathy Naoumidis SHQ Women 1.26.45
42 Peter Cooper StKilda SUP Open 1.26.49
3/43 Matthew Clayton NSP Junior 1.32.33
Nick King Sunny King Open DNF
Rachel Forbes SHQ Women DNF

* – Disqualified

And here are the 2km results. Note SUP VIC’s Brendan Nachtigal and Paul Harrington disqualified one another for undisclosed reasons but no doubt there was some sort of cheating involved.

Place Name Board Class Time
* Paul Harrington 15’ Starboard K15 Open 14.46
1 Simon Baum 17’ Naish Glide Open 14.49
* Brendan Nachtigal 14’ Naish Javelin Open 14.59
2 Peter Miller Open 15.54
1/3 Taylor Jenkins Junior 15.54
3 Bernie ? Open 15.54
5 Mike Fry 11.4’ Naish Nalu Open 16.37
6 Jamie Foster Open 17.19
7 Robert Wong 11.4’ Naish Nalu Open 17.30
8 Ashley Reid 11.6’ NSP Open 17.46
9 Matt Pickering Open 17.52
10 Andre Cerny 11.4’ NSP Open 18.35
1/11 Lisa Danne Women 18.47
12 Famon Wong 11.6’ Naish Nalu Open 19.00
2/13 Jono Kale 11.4’ Naish Nalu Junior 19.14
14 Mick Evans 11.6’ Naish Nalu Open 19.45
2/15 Irene Schaffer Women 20.24
16 Rod Wilson Open 20.34
3/16 Lucy Calder Women 20.34
4/18 Val Nachtigal Women 21.05
5/19 Katrina Jones SHQ Women 21.11
20 Scott Burgess 8.3’ Open 22.21
6/21 Marie Fird Women 24.01
3/22 Dom Frederico Junior 25.41
7/23 Cheryl Wong 10.5’ Starboard Women 25.47
8/24 Linda Blandford SHQ Women 26.07
4/25 Evan Lewis SHQ Junior 26.49
26 Tony Lewis 11.6’ Naish Nalu Open 26.50
5/27 Flynn Coyne SHQ Junior 27.23
6/28 Emmie Frederico Junior 27.44
9/29 Debra Bennett 11’ DC11 Women 27.46
7/29 Oscar McMaster SHQ Junior 27.46
1/29 Peter Wilson Prone 27.46
10/32 Linda Toth RPS Women 28.01
9/33 Noah Hunt Junior 31.21
11/34 Kirsty Hunt Women 31.22
10/35 Taj Marsh 9.6’ Coreban Junior 31.30

* – Disqualified


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It is with great pleasure that COREBAN International and Stand Up Paddle Victoria (SUP VIC) combine to present the inaugural running of THE GREAT MELBOURNE PADDLE, launching the 2010/11 Summer season on Victoria’s Port Phillip Bay.

Slated for Sunday 5th December, THE GREAT MELBOURNE PADDLE brings together Stand Up Paddle (SUP) with Ironman style Prone Paddle Boarding, and welcomes participants of all ages, experience and abilities. To be held at picturesque Green Point, Brighton Beach, THE GREAT MELBOURNE PADDLE will be a family friendly day featuring kids races, social paddling, a 2km short course social race, and the blue riband Legends of the Bay 8km race. If conditions permit the 8km main event will be run between Ricketts Point, Beaumaris and Green Point. Reputations will be made and old scores settled as the cream of Victoria’s crop goes toe-to-toe with interstate raiders in this flat water classic. Also on hand will be internationally renowned OC1 and SUP champion Woogie Marsh to provide invaluable paddling tips. Additionally, Woogie will be conducting a clinic on Saturday 4th December outside SHQ café, Jetty Rd Sandringham, focussing on correct stroke technique and injury prevention. And hopefully Woogie’s expert advice will help you improve your skills and get amongst the prizes on the day. Speaking of which, SUP VIC is pleased to welcome Bendigo Bank Sandringham Branch, Island Tribe Sun Protection, and SHQ Boardsports as prize sponsors of THE GREAT MELBOURNE PADDLE with more sponsors to be announced in the coming days. The event will recognise Juniors, Women and Open champions in both SUP and Prone Paddle Boarding across the short and long course races.  Additionally, lucky draw prizes will be awarded so all competitors are in with a chance to go home a winner. Competitor entry on the day will be $20 for the 2km short course race or $30 for the 8km Legends of the Bay race. However pre-registration online prior to race day will earn a $10 discount. To redeem your discount pre-register now click here. So whether you’re the next Danny Ching or Jamie Mitchell, or whether you just like to cruise about and have fun, get out on the water and get training, get fit, and get ready for the inaugural running of THE GREAT MELBOURNE PADDLE.

Strapper SUP Demo Day!

There isn’t a better way to kick off the season than to get together and have a BBQ and catch some waves. Our friends at Strapper are putting on a demo day down at Point Roadknight on the 20th of November. See below for details.


And we thought it was a new sport…


Victoria’s First SUP Surf Event EVER!

May 1st & 2nd at Venus Bay

Thats right! SUP Vic is turning 1yr old and to celebrate we are having the first ever SUP Surf Event in Victoria. We can’t forget the flatwater and recreational paddlers that made this season such a success so we will be doing some fun flatwater stuff as well. Teams event, short course and a distance paddle. What a great way to cap off the season!! Bring your family or friends down to Venus Bay for a weekend away. It’s sure to be plenty of fun.
Location: Venus Bay
Format: Surf & Flat Water
Entry Fee: $10 SUP Vic Members or $20 for non members
Classes: Open – Womens – Juniors
Schedule: Conditions permitting –
Saturday 1st of May
– 9am to 11am: Surf Expression Session (demo boards available)
– 11:15am: Surf Final Expression Session
– 12:30pm: Free BBQ
– 2:30pm: Flat Water Paddle
– 7pm: Group Dinner and slideshow (Tarwin River Motel)
Sunday 2nd of May
– 8am to 9am: Surf Clinic
– 9am to 11am (1): Surf Expression Session (If Saturday conditions were no good)
– 9am to 11am (2): Free Surfing, surf clinic and demo boards. Prizes awarded for best manoevoure and best wipeout
– 12pm to 1:30pm: Flat Water Paddle
– 2:30pm to 3:30pm: Presentation
** We hope people can come down for the weekend but if not we will update the seabreeze forum with expected conditions and what we shoud be doing and when.
A BIG thanks to all the supporters of SUP in Victoria and this event, RPS The Board Store, SHQ Boardsports, The SUP Bus and Strapper Surf.