SUP VIC COVID-19 POLICY November 2020


This policy is subject to continual updating in response to any updates of or new government (state and federal) requirements, policies, etc, related to Covid-19.

SUP Vic is only responsible for the application of the SUP Vic Covid-19 Policy during SUP Vic major events as per the website calendar. SUP Vic is not responsible for actioning the Covid-19 Policy for paddles organised by individual members; ie, many of the paddles organised on club Facebook site are not smaller ‘events’ that don’t feature on the SUP Vic Calendar – as such, are not deemed a SUP Vic organised events.

PRE-EVENT (Covid-19):

• Strict adherence to latest government (federal and state) restrictions.

• Appointment of Covid-19 Safety Coordinator for the event

• Liaise with all event stakeholders on restrictions and guidelines.

• SUP Vic Committee members to complete Covid-19 infection control short course via

• Communication briefing (written) to all competitors and officials on how the competition/event will take place and Club event guidelines.

• Event Manager to ensure that:

  • all officials working event at the event are well and healthy to do so.
  • all officials who feel unwell with Covid-19 symptoms before or during the event are to alert the Event Manager as soon as possible and are expected to leave the event immediately after reporting to the Event Manager.
  • all officials and volunteers to receive pre event briefings regarding Covid-19
    • including that they must understand and be able to recognise early symptoms of Covid-19.
  • minimal officials are engaged for the event, whilst still respecting safety and competition requirements. Officials to help set up or pack up to minimise involvement of additional volunteer-helpers.
  • Carpooling is minimized.


• Communication posters with Covid-19 best practice displayed at registration area/event site

• All attendees to complete a Covid-19 registration sheet on arrival at the event. This includes full name, mobile phone number, postcode and arrival time.

• Competitors must put their own club race vests/rash shirts/bibs into a bucket of water and detergent at conclusion of their event (Club to supply buckets with water and detergent at the event.)

• Judges and officials to sit 1.5m away from each other.

• Only one official to use the microphone for the duration of the event.

• Hand sanitiser canisters (supplied by SUP Vic) at the Registration Desk for use by all competitors and officials prior to registering, etc. All attendees must use the sanitiser prior to completing the Covid-19 registration form.

• All officials, volunteers and competitors are required to wear face masks, unless competing or on the water on a SUP.

• Signs placed up on sponsor branding marquees advising maximum number of people in marquees.

• Victorian Government health signs put up in specific locations. (Reminding good hand wash technique, social distancing, etc – see below.)

• No planned functions beyond government allowable numbers.

• Competitors must provide their own sunscreen, water and equipment. Competitors to handle their own equipment (board, paddle, leg rope, etc).

• Officials/volunteers will be designated specific roles to minimize multiple people handling the same club equipment.

• Regular beach announcements on event regulations re social distancing, hygiene etc.

• Water safety and first aid officers to have designated area at all events.

• Disinfect/clean iPads, computers, PA systems at the end of the event.

• First aid staff to ensure first aid equipment is clean and sterile between usages. Staff to wear a protective face masks and first aid rubber gloves whilst cleaning/sterilising.


• Check in with all members – post event email to all attendees checking health status.

• Refer to following Club strategy (Procedure for Attendee Reporting Back Ill After Event) if officials/volunteers/competitors/spectators report back ill.

• Wash all club rash shirts/paddle bibs that are multi-use items.

• SUP Vic committee and officials/volunteers to conduct debrief and re-evaluate procedures for the next event.


If an attendee (official/volunteer/competitor/spectator) reports back ill in response to post-event email

  • Check that symptoms are consistent with Covid-19 symptoms. If so:
    • Advise the individual(s) that you expect them to report to local facility for Covid-19 test
    • Advise the individual(s) that they need to advise SUP Vic committee of the outcome of the test as soon as it is known.
    • Advise all attendees that an attendee (do not name the individual unless they specifically request we do) has reported back ill with Covid-19 symptoms.
    • Advise all attendees that we will update them with the outcome of the individual(s) Covid-19 test as soon as it is known
    • As such, they should:
      • Consult government website as to what to do next
      • Consider self-isolating until the results of the Covid-19 test(s) are known.
      • Report back to the committee if anyone develops symptoms.
        • Report to local facility for Covid-19 test
        • Communicate with the committee on the outcome of their test.


Place appropriately at the event. Must be on display in Registration area.

Last Updated: 12 November 2020