RPS/Starboard Prince of The ‘Tone – Sunday 16th October Due to the debacle beach renewal works at Half Moon Bay, today’s second round of the RPS summer series was relocated to Mentone Beach, below the Naples Rd car park. Conditions were definitely not “Currumbin Creek”, with an icy westerly gusting 25+ onshore, chop to 1m and air temp around 8-9 degrees (NOT factoring the wind chill…brrrr…your correspondent wasn’t that unhappy about the flat car battery by the time he’d ridden his bike down to the beach  ). Thirteen hardy souls tackled the conditions face-on, in a 2-heat modified BOP-style contest, each heat 3 laps of an out ‘n’ back course with a 250m-ish beach run between laps (more or less, thanks to the magical, self-moving bin  ) Race results (in finishing order – Warwick and PT can sort out the class rankings and series points later) : Heat 1: Chris (12’6 Fanatic Red Rocket) Rupert (17′ Naish Glide) Mark (17′ Naish Glide) Warwick (12’6 Fanatic White Whale) Christian (12’6 Naish Glide) Al (14′ Naish Glide) Paul PT (12’6 Starboard Race) Con (12’6 Starboard Pin) Emma (12’6 Hobie Race) Jean (12’6 Starboard Pin) Tim (12’6 Pin) Mel (Nalu) Young Johnno (Naish Mana) (a never-say-die effort, young feller – and good luck with the Karate Tourno this arvo!) Heat 2: Rupert (17′ Naish Glide) Chris (12’6 Fanatic Red Rocket) Mark (17′ Naish Glide) Warwick (12’6 Fanatic white whale) Christian (12’6 Naish Glide) Paul PT (12’6 Starboard Race) Al (14′ Naish Glide) Emma (12’6 Starboard Pin) Jean (12’6 Hobie Race) (the ladies swapped rides for round 2)