Inverloch Surf Weekend

The Inverloch weekend is a surf oriented social event which has been going now for 4 years.
It’s a chance to introduce new people to surf and allow them to try out demo boards from a few shops that bring their fleet down.
There is no official surf comp, more of a general expression session with prizes awarded at the end of the weekend to the standout surfers.
There will be BOP races on the Naish Nisco boards this year which will be run in and out through the surf if conditions are right. If the surf is too rough it would be moved to the inlet.  This is not to be missed as it is so much fun on the blowup boards.
There will be a BBQ Saturday night at the SupVic house for everyone as well as lunch on Sunday.
You must be a member to participate, for insurance purposes, but a day membership can be purchased for $10.