Conditions of Entry

1. Application to participate • By signing or submitting this form, you apply to participate in the 2012 Great Melbourne Paddle Event including any of the races or associated activities. • You are not entered into the Event or permitted to participate unless the Organisers accept your application.  They may refuse to do so without giving any reasons for their decision. • The Organisers may limit the total number or Participants in the interests of event management and safety. 2. Insurance • To participate in the Event, you must be a member of an assocation or club that have public liability insurance for at least $10m, and provide evidence of this; Membership of SUP VIC inc, Surfing Victoria, Windsurfing Victoria, SUP Australia or other associations affiliated with the Australian Surfing Association includes this insurance, and will be accepted. • You understand that insurance will not usually cover you for collisions with other competitors, or with other surfers generally – for more information on coverage and exclusions for SUP VIC members visit,  or check with your local club or association for the full terms of their insurance coverage. • You also understand that some insurance may not cover injury to you or damage to your equipment.  The Organisers strongly advise that you have personal accident, health & other insurances that cover you for the Event. 3. You Participate at your own risk • You understand that stand-up paddling is inherently dangerous. • You have sole responsibility for your decisions to enter, start and continue in the event. • You understand that the event involves risks of injury, death, and property damage to you and others and accept full responsibility for those risks. • You accept that conditions during the event may change or become hazardous and that the Organisers may be unable to assist you if you get into difficulties. 4. Safety Equipment • Legropes are mandatory for all Event activities. • As the 12km and 6km races go beyond 400m from shore,  as per Marine Safety laws, PFDs must be worn for both these races. • PFDs are recommended for the sprint race and the social paddle. • All children 10 years and under must wear a PFD at all times. 5. You will participate safely. • You represent that you will participate safely, giving priority to the welfare of yourself and others despite the competitive nature of the event. 6. Your fitness to participate • You represent that your stand-up paddling and swimming skills are sufficiently developed to allow you to participate in the event without endangering yourself, other participants, or the public. • You represent that you have no medical or other condition that may increase the risks to you  or others if you participate in the Event. • You represent that you will not participate in the Event under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any mind-altering substance. 7. Release & Indemnity • You agree that the Organisers are not liable for any injury, loss, or damage suffered by you, or any other person relating to this Event: regardless of any negligence on the part of the Organisers; and to the full extent permitted by law. • In consideration of the Organisers accepting your entry, and to the full extent permitted by law: you release the Organisers from any claim; and you indemnify the Organisers in relation to any claim by any person, relating to your participation in the Event. 8. Event directions • You must comply with the rules of the Event, and all directions given by the Organisers concerning the Event (including a direction to cease your participation) 9. Medical Treatment • If you suffer injury or illness, you agree that the Organisers may arrange first aid, evacuation, and/or hospital treatment as they see fit, at your expense. • They will use reasonable efforts to obtain your consent, but may act without it if they consider it necessary. • You accept that the Event is being held at a remote location, with lengthy delays before obtaining medical assistance or transport. 10. Copyright • You agree that photographic, video and or other images of you may be taken during the Event, and used by the Organisers for promotional and other purposes without consent or payment. 11. Exclusion of implied terms • All rights, terms and conditions usually implied into a contract of this type (including under the Fair Trading Act 1999) are excluded, to the full extent permitted by law. 12. Severance • If any provision of this contract is invalid or unenforcable, it is to be read down so as to be valid and enforcable.  If it cannot be so read down, it will be severed to the minimum extent neccessary, and without affecting the remaining provisions. 13. Definitions Claim – includes any action, suit, proceeding, claim, demand, cost and expense for Event – The SUP VIC 2012 Great Melbourne Paddle Event held at Sandridge Beach, Port Melbourne, Victoria on December 2nd 2012 and all activities related to this event Organisers – SUP VIC Inc, and it’s employees, servants & agents 14. Your declaration By signing/submitting this form, you declare that: • All the information given by you to the Organisers is true and correct • You have read this form, fully understand its terms, and submit it voluntarily • If completed online, as this document is electronic, that your full name entered below is by act, a representation of your signature. • You understand that you have given up substantial rights by signing / submitting this form.
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